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Garbage Dump under gravel mine site!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Although not well documented, there is no doubt the land being proposed for continued gravel mining is an abandoned landfill. This newspaper ad by the Genoa Township Board taken in the Livingston County Daily Press September 23rd, 1959, orders residents to stop dumping garbage, as they have been warned, or it will be closed.

This dump is mentioned again in the Livingston County Daily Press and Argus October 21, 1981, as one of 19 sites suspect in polluting ground water.

In last weeks DNR article Eric Chatterson, geology specialist with EGLE spoke on the already suspect ground water situation "One of the sites also contains an underground plume of chloride. The pollution has been monitored by the state's Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. Eric Chatterson, said the plume has been evaluated in regard to the proposed sand and gravel mining activity. "The data indicates that no adverse impacts to the plume will be caused by the proposed activities," he said. "Any groundwater withdrawal or discharge at the site would have to comply with all current EGLE regulations and oversight."

Any of us who draw our water from around this property should be concerned by disturbing an already fragile, suspect, water source. Evaluating the "existing plume" does not speak to disturbing an abandoned landfill.

Additionally, the washing of gravel and any attempts to keep dust down by wetting with water, calcium or sodium chloride, will end up in our water source too. More on this later.....

From the Township Master plan found here

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