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Master Plan Open House last night

Thank you to those who came out to the Master Plan Open House last night. Giffels Webster did a great job of presenting information with large poster boards of information displayed throughout the meeting room. Everything displayed last night at the meeting will up uploaded to their website for everyone to view within the next 24-48 hours, so be sure to check their website here (

for information.

Giffels Webster will be collecting feedback from citizens until November 17th, so be sure to submit your comments and concerns to them by that date.

At any time, citizens of our Township are able and encouraged to reach out to the members of our Planning Commission as well, to ensure that their comments and concerns are heard. Kelly VanMarter, ACIP is the Assitant Township Manager/Community Development Director, and can be reached here ( “

Genoa Township’s last comprehensive master plan was completed in 1998, with amendments made in 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2013. The Township regularly refines its zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations in response to changing conditions, goals, and the law. Thus, this master plan represents the latest in a series of documents and ordinances which will help to ensure that the Township maintains its desired community character.

The Master plan for the two properties, owned by the DNR have future land use as Low Density Residential:

These areas are designated for single family residential use, located on the fringe between the rural residential and the more urbanized areas of the Township. While these areas are not planned for sewer service, they have fewer environmental constraints found in the Rural Residential. Single family residential uses within these areas will be located on lots of at least 1 acre in size.

These are considered secondary growth areas. Secondary growth areas do not have sewer and water, but due to their proximity to the cities of Brighton or Howell, are appropriate for infill with low density residential. Typical lot sizes will be around one acre or clustered developments at an overall density of two acres per dwelling.

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