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News spread quickly today after 4:00pm when the DNR announced they will not extract sand and gravel.

Hello Neighbor,

News spread quickly today after 4:00pm when the DNR announced they will not move ahead with the proposed projects to extract sand and gravel or establish a tree seed orchard on two parcels of land in Genoa Township.

Today's decision is a direct result of the community’s effort and participation in opposing this threat to our health, safety and quality of life here in Genoa Township.

We believe this decision was influenced by such factors as:

  • Listening to feedback from several hundred attendees at the recent public forum on this subject, held at the Brighton Center for Performing Arts.

  • Listening to the hundreds of phone calls from concerned citizens.

  • Reviewing the professional web site as designed by Ryan Groat of the core team.

  • Listening to Mike Wilczynski’s (senior geologist Pangea Environmental LLC) analysis of property.

  • Hearing what the team had to say during their recent meeting with key individuals from the DNR in Lansing.

  • Understanding that the business model may not justify the project plan.

To the army of neighbors researching, collecting public information, mapping, attending Township meetings, designing, and distributing road signs, printing flyers, walking door to door, posting on social media, making phone calls and talking to neighbors, we express our sincere thanks.

A special thanks goes to Ann Bollin, our Representative in the State House. Representative Bollin listened to our concerns, provided valuable feedback and was integral in arranging our meeting in Lansing.

This process has allowed us to meet a lot of individuals who brought wonderful experience and skills to our efforts. Getting to know these individuals demonstrates a key point that we made to the DNR, “Our greatest resource is the citizens of the community.“

We asked that the mineral extraction leases not be considered, but rather a safer, heathier, less invasive path to the DNR’s goal be implemented. Today, the DNR made the decision that the concerns of the citizens in the area outweighed the benefits of the proposed project plan.

Tonight, we can all take a deep breath, of our silica free air, and contemplate how we can continue to take an active role in positively affecting the future of our Township.

The State has indicated that they will auction these parcels. By being actively involved now in Township planning and remaining attentive to the Township's zoning and ordnances we can continue to contribute.

Please be sure to attend the Genoa Township Master Plan open house scheduled for next Wednesday November 10th. More info here. Let's stay focused and hold tight to our key values as residents of Genoa Township.

Tom Horgan

Ryan Groat

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