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Ohio & Michigan Sand & Gravel Company 1905-19??

Incorporated in 1905 in the city of Toledo Ohio, the Ohio & Michigan Sand & Gravel company removed 35,000 tons of gravel, per month, from a 3,000 ft x 300 ft open cut in their Chilson, Michigan property. They used railroad type steam shovels to move dry material to their state of the art wash plant. Then shipped to Toledo Ohio and the Maumee River by train. They loaded at the rail side installed on the property. The wash plant moved 550 gallons per minute from a near by lake (maybe Chilson pond). W.Frank Bradley was also very involved in the Ann Arbor R.R. company (parcel B). The property belonging to Mrs. Case (Zeeb) was also mined by Mr. W.F.Bradley. Chilson Michigan in an unincorporated Michigan town absorbed by Genoa Township.

There is evidence Ohio & Michigan Sand & Gravel Company was still in operation in 1936. One of our neighbors is gathering the title information for the property to add here in a follow up post.

The question is how much remains to justify the economical benefit of opening this operation again.

The Excavating Engineer 1924

The_Excavating_Engineer-pages-261-262 (1)
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