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Township Planning Commission meeting tonight 10/25/21

We have been asked to post the Township Planning Commission meeting scheduled for tonight.

Some residents have been surprised that the DNR proposed aggregate mine is not on the agenda. The agenda for tonight is "Discussion of 2021 Master Plan update as presented by Giffels Webster."

As of right now there is nothing actionable before our Township related to the DNR's proposed aggregate mine and therefore will not likely show up on any agenda. The Township has made it clear that they will not comment on the proposed mine until a permit is applied for. If the DNR proceeds with their lease, the permit applications will follow early 2022. What is important for tonight is to keep the Master Plan for this parcel the same, without significant changes, for this next renewal. To be sure no favorable aggregate mining statements are added to the Master Plan.

A draft of the Master Plan update can be found in the packet for tonight's meeting.

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